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Can the tiles be used for flooring?

These tiles are not recommended for flooring and are only suitable for wall cladding.

Can the tiles be used for exteriors as well?

These tiles are not recommended for exteriors, they are primarily meant for interior application.

Will the color of the tiles fade off after a period of time?

The color of the tiles will not fade as long as they are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Can the tiles be used in wet areas such as washrooms?

The MuranoStone, FossilStone and Phase I collections are certified for wet area application and are suitable for use in washrooms and showers. The other collections apart from the aforementioned are not recommended for application in areas where they are likely to get wet.

Are the tiles suitable for swimming pool application?

Whereas the above-mentioned collections are suitable for wet area application, they cannot be used in an area submerged under water, such as swimming pools and water bodies.

What are the precautionary measures that should be taken to maintain the tiles?

  • As befits a precious and finely crafted product, care needs to be taken not to damage the surface of the tiles, especially from any kind of sharp instruments or scratching.
  • Care should be taken that there is no water seepage where these tiles are installed.
  • Care also has to be taken to protect the tile surface from staining.

What are the additional precautionary measures that should be taken for maintaining the tiles with a leather surface?

Apart from the precautions mentioned above, the leather tiles should be polished periodically to give the product the natural burnished gloss associated with leather. This polishing process is a simple application of suitable leather wax polish and brushing by hand.

How should the tiles be cleaned?

The tiles may be maintained daily through wiping with a non-abrasive cloth. A wet cloth, free from any chemicals may be employed to clean the surface of the tiles carefully. In the case of the LeatherStone and LeatherWall collections, ensure that the cloth is dry.

What are the requirements of the wall on which the tiles are to be applied?

Before starting to install the tiles, it is advisable to check the suitability of the wall, which should be sound, clean, dry and mould-free. It might be necessary to level the wall to remove possible unevenness, and compensate differences in level to obtain a perfectly flat, uniform surface.

Are the tiles uniform and consistent?

Small differences in color, vein, tone, possible wrinkles or unevenness cannot be considered as defects, but as natural characteristics of the stone and the hand finishing done on the same.

What material is to be used for installation of the tiles?

Use a professional tile adhesive for wall installations. It is important to ensure that the tile adhesive does not touch or stain the surface of the tiles.

How are the tiles to be cut?

A regular hand saw for cutting stone tiles may be used during installation of these tiles.

Can the tiles be used in the kitchen?

Yes, the tiles can be used in the kitchen. However, care should be taken not to install them in close proximity to a heat source.

Can the tiles be used as a fireplace surround?

No, the tiles are not recommended for installation in close proximity to a heat source.

Can we make holes through these tiles?

Yes, it is possible to drill holes through these tiles using a regular drill machine.

For the MuranoStone and Phase I collections, are all the mosaic patterns available in all colours?

Yes, all the mosaic patterns are available in all colours for these particular collections.

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